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Do you need protective Sleeves for your Covers, Souvenir sheets, Blocks etc ?

I recommend BCW Brand Cover Sleeves

  • Holds #6 Envelope
  • 2-mil thickness
  • Protect covers while handling
  • Crystal Clear
  • I recommend these over cheaper brands which may be cloudy and not display your favorite covers the way you would like

              I am offering 6 PACKS of 100 for $29.95   (TOTAL of 600 sleeves)  Buy now!

          I am offering ONE PACK of 100 Sleeves $6.96)  Buy now!  

               I am offering 30 PACKS of 100 for only $79.99   (TOTAL of 3000 Sleeves) Buy now!


Exterior Dimensions:
3 15/16 X 6 7/8

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